Space business aspects

Key Economics Concepts: Demand and Supply, price elasticity of demand, costs and price, value chains, Distinguishing characteristic of Space Business: cyclical nature, linkage to defense, government as customer, destination problems, limited competition, single unit production costs.
Emerging space markets: emerging sectors, space tourism, on orbit servicing, private space exploration, Cost and Risk Analysis Management, Socio-economic benefits of space activities: direct benefits, spin-offs, social and intangible benefits, Case studies.
Identification of the upcoming high potential remote sensing application sectors (environment, energy, agro food, tourism, etc), understanding the risk and promoting factors of the identified sectors, identifying the skill demand-supply gap for each sector in the local environment for entrepreneurship development, identifying the skills and competencies required for the various roles in the identified sectors, assessing the skills/ competencies of local talent pool in each sector, generating roadmaps for exploiting the existing state of sector towards generating profitable conditions for the entrepreneurs, establishing linkages with the industry for absorption of skilled manpower.