Konstantinos Katzis

Dr Konstantinos Katzis received his BEng degree in Computer Systems Engineering and his MSc degree in Radio Systems Engineering from the University of Hull in 2000 and 2001 respectively. In 2006, Dr Katzis received his PhD degree in Electronics from University of York (UK). His current research interests include dynamic spectrum access and cognitive radio, architectures for 5G and beyond and wireless communications from aerial platforms. Konstantinos has also been working towards the development of highly efficient resource allocation techniques as well as handoff techniques optimised for the operation of High Altitude Platform communication systems. His work, involved modelling of the platform movements and simulating the effects on the communications. He currently holds the position of the secretary in IEEE1900.6 standard and he is also MC member of COST action CA15014 (Inclusive Radio Communications - IRACON). Dr Konstantinos Katzis is an Associate Professor at European University Cyprus.