Athanassios Ganas

Dr. Athanassios Ganas, is a Research Director, at the National Observatory of Athens, Institute of Geodynamics. He has a PhD in Geological Remote Sensing, in 1997 (University of Reading, UK), 55 peer-reviewed papers, 1055 citations (Google Scholar index h=18). He has 20+ years of experience in active tectonics, GNSS, seismic hazard and seismic risk assessment with emphasis on conducting geodetic, seismologic and geologic field observations across SE Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia), western USA and China. Specific research interests include: Crustal deformation due to earthquakes and tectonic strain - Use of GPS observations and InSAR maps to quantify strain rates in Greece - Use of tectonic geomorphology metrics to fault slip rates - Uses of seismology with emphasis on relocation of earthquake sequences for fault mapping, map stress levels, calculate Coulomb stress distribution following large earthquakes and its relation to seismicity levels - Operation of early warning systems for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis based on high-rate GNSS technology. Experience also includes: (1) evaluation of contributions of global, regional, and local deformation/strain models based on EO data by individual researchers and research groups; (2) examination of existing data sets of geodetic, geologic and seismic information that can contribute toward a greater understanding of strain in SE Europe and (3) testing of existing methods for modeling strain rates and strain transients. He has coordinated and/or participated in 27 research projects since 2000, attracting funds of about 1MEuros. He manages the NOANET network (22 GNSS stations He is a member of the Board of Directors, Earthquake Planning and Protection Organisation (EPPO, Greece, 2010-currently), and a member of the Executive Council, Geological Society of Greece, (2010-currently).