Master of Science in
Space Science Technologies and Applications

Module Teaching Staff ECTS

1st Semester: (2019-2020)

Space environment K. Tsiganos, I. Daglis, G. Balasis, A. Anastasiadis. 8
Fundamentals of remote sensing H. Kontoes,  V. Amiridis, O. Sykioti, K. Koutroumbas, T. Rontogiannis, I. Papoutsis, A.Gikas. 8
Satellite communications N. Sagias 8
Advanced computing and statistics for space applications M.Plionis, D. Paronis, Κ. Tziotzios, Ο.Giannakis. 6

2nd Semester: (2019-2020)    
Signal/image processing and pattern recognition P.Giabouras & K. Koutroumbas.
Big data management G.Giannopoulos.
Space applications H. Kontoes, I. Papoutsis, O. Sykioti, I. Keramitsoglou, V. Amiridis, K. Lagouvardos, S.Kazadtzis, S.Solomos, E.Proestakis, A. Tsouni.
Earth system science  E. Gerasopoulos, N. Mihalopoulos, V. Amiridis, V.Kotroni, E. Athanasopoulou, S. Solomos.

3rd Semester: (2019-2020)    
Diploma project   14 
Elective course 1  
Elective course 2  
Elective courses (2/5)    
Advanced space applications  I. Keramitsoglou, T. Rontogiannis, K. Koutroumbas, O. Sykioti,
Satellite systems and networks  I. Moscholios
Dependable and energy efficient computing  
Satellite positioning and navigation  A.Ganas, A. Marinou, St. Bitharis
Space business aspects  A. Kakouris

4th Semester:    
Diploma project   30 

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